1966 Chevrolet COPO Corvair Yenko Stinger YS028 Stock # 2081

Price: SOLD

Up for sale is this extremely nice 1966 COPO Chevrolet Corvair Yenko Stinger (YS028), VIN #107376W131385. This well documented Stage I Stinger has been completely restored and is in excellent condition throughout. Attached, please find detailed photos of the entire car as well as its historic documentation all the way back into the late 1960s from Yenko Chevrolet.

I am confident that any interested purchaser is well aware of the Stinger’s roots and history with Don Yenko. However, there are a few notable items of significance that I would like to point out:

First, this is a true COPO Stinger, one of the original 100 Corsas ordered by Don Yenko as per SCCA’s requirements to “homologate” the car for racing…..this car being #28 of those first 100 cars. Like many Stinger’s, this car was at some point in its history “re-bodied.” Obviously, it does retain much of its original Stinger components (i.e. rear deck lid, sail panels, etc.), but remember, these cars were originally built for racing, not weekend cruise nights.

Secondly, this is not a “tag” car. For example, cars that are tagged YS300-320 were random Corvairs in which their owners called in an order to Yenko Chevrolet for some Stinger parts, had them mailed to their house, installed those parts and then put the YS3xx tag in the door jam. The Corvair mechanics at Yenko Chevrolet probably never put their hands on any of these cars as they would have done with the COPO Stingers. YS303 (recently listed on eBay) is a good example of this scenario. It was originally a 1965 Corvair coupe but was then later (possibly in the 1970s) “Stingerized” and “tagged” with YS302. Even the rear deck lid is different than the original COPO Stingers. While these “tag” cars still have great value and history, I don’t believe that they should be comparable in value to any of the COPO Stingers for the reasons listed above.

Below is a description of the engine rebuild that was completed by Mark Wright:

The Engine was absolutely shot when I got the car! I put the new Clarks full fin Cylinders with forged pistons, moly rings, copper headgaskets. Here is what was done to the heads:

Head Work.

Dis-assemble, Inspect, Clean, etc

Remove and Replace Valve Seats

Remove and Replace Valve Guides

Valves, Intake, Stainless Steel, Polished & Flowed

Valves, Exhaust, Stainless Steel, Polished & Flowed

Springs, Valve, Performance

Retainers, Steel, Performance

Angle Tube Exhaust

Plate, Mounting, Custom for C/S Headers

Intake Port Work, Comp

Exhaust Port Work, Comp

Chamber Shape and C.C.


Valve Job, Performance

Mill Valve Cover Surface True

Weld and Repair Spark Plug Hole

Replace Helicoil with TimeSert

EDM Broken Bolt

Angle port exhaust tubes with custom plate to mount the Yenko type headers and Cam:

Camshaft., Intake lift, .499", duration 282, Exhaust lift, .490", duration, 294

I supplied my spare 'bulletproof' posi diff with a 3:55 ratio, and a rebuilt stock ratio Saginaw.

Has a new Flaming River quick steering box , Koni shocks, all new front and rear end kits , HD springs cut a coil in fronts, front disc brakes, braided hoses. Most parts were purchased from Clarks. All suspension pieces, front and rear cross members and shrouds and belly pans were powder coated as well.

In closing, YS028 is an extremely nice, well-documented restored COPO Stinger that could be enjoyed for show, Sunday cruising or racing. It truly is a significant and valued part of Stinger history!

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